Albatross Expression Api
The api tokenizes the expression text and create a tree model from the tokens. Using the model, it can evaluate the expression or convert it to a expression of different format. Some applications revert the process by creating the model first and using it to generate certain expression such as a... More information
Albatross Code Generator PowerShell Utilities
This is a tool only package. When used with visual studio projects with PackageReference, the tools folder will not be created. Download the package directly from the nuget site or use command "nuget install Albatross.CodeGen.PowerShell -prerelease". Using a powershell, call "Import-Module... More information
Albatross Code Generator
The goal of this library is to create code generators to speed up software development. It comes with powershell cmdlets that allows users to create composite code generators. The powershell cmdlet can be found in the tools folder or use nuget package "Albatross.CodeGen.PowerShell". Call... More information
Albatross Database Schema Sql Server Api
This project provides the Microsoft Sql Server implementation of the interfaces in the Albatross.Database project
Albatross Database Schema Core Api
This project defines objects that represent database objects such as table, view, procedures etc. It also defines interfaces to retrieve the objects from a database.
Albatross Semantic Version Library with SemVer 2.0 Implementation
Supports parsing and operations of Major, Minor, Patch, Prerelease and Metadata according to semver2.0 spec.