.NET class library that aids in parsing text. Tracks your current position within the text being parsed, ensures you don't access characters that are out of bounds of the string being parsed, and includes methods that make parsing easier. Use this library to make your parsing code cleaner and more... More information
Simple and lightweight command-line parser. Supports regular arguments, flag arguments and extended arguments (in the form: -mode:extArg). Arguments, flag arguments, and extended arguments can all be wrapped in quotes in order to include whitespace.
.NET library that can transform any number of name/value pairs into an encrypted string and then back again. Allows you to pass secret data via URL query arguments. Data includes checksum so that it can't be tampered with. Can be used anywhere you need a Dictionary<string, string> that can encrypt... More information
.NET class library that makes it easy to save your application settings in Windows. Just create your settings class and have it derive from RegistrySettings (saves settings to the system registry), XmlSettings (saves settings to an XML file) or IniSettings (saves settings to an INI file). Just call... More information