• Stemmers for 12 languages and one default stemmer. The default stemmer (DefaultStemmer) can be used for languages that not are supported. The default stemmer does not do any stemming at all. Supported... More information
  • A client API in ASP.NET and C# that can be used to interact with a-webshop. You can use this client API to create applications in ASP.NET that interacts with a-webshop. A quick start guide Create an... More information
  • This library is a client to the Fortnox Api (, the library can be used to connect to the Fortnox Api and to call methods in the Fortnox Api.
  • A blob lock written in ASP.NET and C# to use in multi-instance applications on Azure. A blob lock needs a connection string to the storage account, a container name and a name for the blob file.
  • This is a client library for the Doxservr ( API. This library can be used to connect to the Doxservr API and to call API methods in the Doxservr API.
  • This project includes standard e-documents as models, all standards are royalty-free. This project may include several versions, the last part of the namespace indicates the version of the standard.