• The helper will recursively traverse your object graph and invoke validation against DataAnnotations. This originated from following Stackoverflow answer:
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    • TeamCity API REST HTTP
    Easy-to-use, readable and comprehensive library for consuming TeamCity REST API. Written using real scenarios in mind, enables variuos range of queries and operation on TeamCity
  • Toscana, which stands for TOSCA Net Analyzer, is a .NET library for validating, parsing and analyzing TOSCA YAML format.
  • BizArk Core provides a collection of tools to make building line-of-business applications easier. See the project WIKI on Git for full list of features and documentation.
  • Easy integration between NHibernate and WCF, ASP.NET MVC, Web services
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    Effort is basicly an ADO.NET provider that executes all the data operations on a lightweight in-process main memory database instead of a traditional external database. It provides some intuitive helper methods... More information