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BizArk Core (.Net Standard)
Provides utilies for line-oThis project is no longer maintained. Please see the BizArk3 project for the a .Net Standard 2.0 library. This project was a test project to see what features would be lost by switching to .Net Standard. Due to losing so many features with the earlier version of .Net... More information
Model manipulation library. It provides utility functions for: (1) Converting objects of any type, dictionaries, data readers and anonymous to expando object; (2) Slicing objects by specifying either a list of properties to keep or to exclude; (3) Converting from any type to any type based on... More information
Simplified Chinese PinYin Conversion
Simplified Chinese PinYin Conversion Class Library. using System; string chineseWords = "世界你好"; string full = chineseWords.ToPinYin(); // output: SHIJIENIHAO string abbr = chineseWords.ToPinYinAbbr(); // output: SJNH