• 61,652 total downloads
    • last updated 4/7/2017
    • Latest version: 2.0.0
    • Require Guard
    Provides helpers on which depend the other Narvalo packages.
  • Provides various utilities (simple parsers, Int64 encoders) and extension methods for Collections, SQL client and XDom.
  • Provides types that might prove useful for Web development: generic HttpHandler type, asset providers, Razor and WebForms compile-time optimizers.
  • Features implementations of some of the usual suspects from functional programming: option type (Maybe<T>), error types (Result<T, TError>, Outcome<T> and Fallible<T>) for Railway Oriented Programming, simple disjoint union (Either<T1, T2>), (finite and infinite) sequence generators and LINQ... More information
    • 27,151 total downloads
    • last updated 4/7/2017
    • Latest version: 1.1.1
    • BIC IBAN
    BIC (ISO 9362) and IBAN types; includes support for parsing, validation and formatting.
  • Currency (ISO 4217) and Money types. Allows for a lot of flexibility, you can express an amount in Decimal or Int64, in major or minor units. The library includes support for formatting, rounding and allocation, customized versions of Sum() and Average() from LINQ w/ or w/o rounding, alternative... More information
    • 17,220 total downloads
    • last updated 3/26/2015
    • Latest version: 0.17.0
    ** WARNING ** This package has been retired. Use Narvalo.Web instead.
  • Features a MVP framework largely inspired by WebFormsMvp. Contrary to WebFormsMvp, it is not restricted to the WebForms platform; nevertheless, featurewise, it should be on par with it. Samples are available on the project web site.
  • Enhances the Narvalo.Mvp package with support for ASP.NET WebForms. Samples are available on the project web site.
  • This package provides custom MSBuild tasks: download a file from internet, merge files, helpers to generate and verify assembly versions, tasks for Google Closure Compiler and YUICompressor.
  • Provides argument validation methods and Code Contracts helpers.
  • Provides a fully-featured Option type, aka a Maybe type, with several companion helpers (parsing, LINQ). An Option type allows to represent objects that are either something (a value or a reference) or nothing. Nullable Reference Types (NRT) do not count since they are not actual .NET types but... More information