Exor.Compiler is a runtime compiler and ExtensionLoader factory. Intended for runtime compilation of game scripts written in C#, Exor.Compiler allows a game to pack "loose" .cs files and compile them for inclusion in the game's ExtensionLoader. Using Exor.Compiler on desktops, where... More information
EdCanHack.SheetParser (Portable)
SheetParser is a simple deserialization system for transforming tabular data into .NET objects, originally used to store lists of items, monsters, etc. in game asset directories. It supports both attribute-driven and procedural transformation of table rows into objects, with the ability to define... More information
EdCanHack.Exor.Core (Portable)
Exor.Core is a simple, attribute-driven extension framework. Implemented as a PCL for cross-platform usage, Exor.Core allows you to define type mappings in a deferred manner, i.e. types defined in BaseModule can be subclassed in AddinModule and those subtypes loaded in... More information
EdCanHack.DiceNotation.MathNet (Portable)
MathNet.Numerics is a battle-tested library for numerics in C# and provides its own random number generation system. This extends DiceNotation to use its RandomSource instead of .NET's; with this you can still use the default PRNG with `SystemRandomSource` but also supports custom and tunable random... More information