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    • Console Toolkit .NET
    The Console Toolkit is a sophisticated but simple to learn library providing a full set of features for building console applications. It focuses on getting out of the way as quickly as possible so that you can get on with implementing functionality without having to deal with the complications of... More information
  • Unit tests will often need to assert that a sizeable amount of data matches an expectation, and this is difficult with only the traditional style of assertion. You essentially have the choice of writing a long list of simple assertions, or concatenating the output into a string and using a single... More information
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    SnapshotTests is a library that supports TDD by allowing snapshots to be taken of datasets before and after a test operation. The differences between the snapshots can be computed and formatted for approval. The library relies on TestConsole for formatting and the approval mechanism.
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    A library for unit testing against SQLServer to compare data before and after running a test. Point the library at a database instance and it will configure itself from the database schema. You can then request a snapshot of the data prior to running your test code, and take a second snapshot after... More information