• jQuery extensions is a set of over 20 new functions added to the jQuery object for common Javascript tasks and form tasks. For example: $.isNumber() $.isNullOrUndefined(myvar) $("#id").isSelectBox() $("#id").selectByIndex(1) Full documentation (with Visual Studio support) is available in the... More information
    • 34,438 total downloads
    • last updated 6/2/2013
    • Latest version: 1.1.0
    • selenium webdriver
    A set of extension methods for common form and CSS-based tasks.
  • A fluent .NET library for automating site and app pool creation in IIS7+.
  • A lightweight YAML-based Windows server configuration tool - this is the library used for custom task plugins.
  • Command line tool for generating Typescript hub definitions for a Signalr assembly.
    • 13,389 total downloads
    • last updated 3/15/2012
    • Latest version:
    • autopoco
    This package contains additional Datasources for the AutoPoco library, including string formatting and address datasources . This works with the beta release, as the version 1 has quite a few bugs that the beta fixes. Contributions are welcome, please send patches via Bitbucket.
  • Roadkill .NET wiki engine is a lightweight but powerful Wiki platform. It is powered by Lightspeed, ASP.NET Razor and jQuery. Supports Creole, Markdown and a subset of Mediawiki syntaxes.
  • A Marten implementation of the ASP.NET Core Identity stores.
    • 9,704 total downloads
    • last updated 12/9/2019
    • Latest version: 1.0.59
    A multi-cloud file storage library (S3, Google Cloud buckets, Azure blobs) for C#
  • MicroRest is a small REST framework - it allows you to add REST capabilities to your ASP.NET applications without needing to go through the huge ugly mess of WCF rest (which doesn't provide 'clean' URLs in 3.5), and supports various pocos for method parameters. See... More information
  • Roadkill .NET wiki engine is a lightweight but powerful Wiki platform. This library should be used for writing plugins, as it contains the binaries only.