Appenders for Apache log4net RemoteSyslogSSLAppender and RemoteSyslogAsyncSSLAppender: Appenders specifically to allow remote SSL logging to a syslog running on a Synology NAS. This should work with any syslog conforming to the BSD specification. EncryptedForwardingAppender: ForwardingAppender to... More information
Object model and API helper definition for working with a Venstar Smart Thermostat over the local API. The code for this project was developed/tested against a Venstar Colortouch model T7900. The Byte Stuff, LLC is not afailiated with Venstar nor has Venstar endorsed this project. Includes... More information
DotNet Tools command line implementation for backup, copy, delete and restore of Azure tables to/from local file or Azure blob storage using TheByteStuff.AzureTableUtilities found on NuGet: Backup/Copy/Delete/Restore parameters can be... More information
Based on the nuget package offered by DoguArslan ( which uses Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Table and .Net Framework 4.5, this package is adapted from the original work to function using Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table to enable working... More information