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Units.NET gives you all the common units of measurement and the conversions between them. It is light-weight, unit tested and supports PCL.

To install Units.NET, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package UnitsNet

Release Notes

v2.0.0: Add support for custom units. Add ratio unit.

Breaking changes: Merge UnitValue and UnitConverter into unit classes.

v1.13: Add mass unit (pound) (thanks @strvmarv).

v1.12: Add speed units (km/h, m/s, ft/s, knots, mph). Add mass units (microgram, nanogram).

v1.11: Fix bugs in Flow and RotationalSpeed units after refactoring to T4 templates (thanks George Zhuikov).
Add Temperature units.

v1.10: Add missing localization to units for US English and Russian cultures (thanks George Zhuikov).
Add RotationalSpeed and Flow unit classes (thanks George Zhuikov).
Add mils and microinches length units (thanks Georgios).
Refactor to generate unit classes with T4 templates, a lot less work to add new units.

v1.9: Improve precision of PoundForce unit (thanks Jim Selikoff).

v1.8: Add angle units of measurement (thanks Georgios). Add tests and fix bug in NewtonPerSquareCentimeter and NewtonPerSquareMillimeter.

v1.7: Add imperial and US units for volume and area.

v1.6: Add area units. Fix exception in TryConvert for volume units.

v1.5: Add volume units of measurement (thanks @vitasimek). Add missing operator overloads.

v1.4: Add ShortTon and LongTon mass units (thanks Cameron MacFarland). Add TryConvert methods.

v1.3: Add pressure units. Add dynamic conversion via UnitConverter and UnitValue

v1.2: Add force, torque, pressure, mass, voltage, length and length2d units of measurement.



Andreas Gullberg Larsen


Copyright © 2007-2013 Initial Force AS



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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
Units.NET 2.0.0-beta 5 Sunday, February 09 2014
Units.NET 2.0.0-alpha 4 Wednesday, February 05 2014
Units.NET 24 Friday, January 31 2014
Units.NET 1.12.0-beta 34 Saturday, January 04 2014
Units.NET 1.11.0 269 Monday, November 18 2013
Units.NET 1.10.0 24 Friday, November 15 2013
Units.NET 1.9.0 30 Thursday, November 07 2013
Units.NET 1.8.0 38 Wednesday, October 30 2013
Units.NET 1.7.0 114 Thursday, August 08 2013
Units.NET 1.6.0 22 Tuesday, August 06 2013
Units.NET 1.5.0 34 Friday, August 02 2013
Units.NET 1.4.0 31 Monday, July 22 2013
Units.NET 1.3.0 25 Sunday, July 21 2013
Units.NET 1.2.0 30 Sunday, July 21 2013