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O Thunder é um framework .Net que auxilia no desenvolvimento com métodos de validação, exibição de mensagens entre outros.
The package contains a BaseController and BaseViewModel used for route-hijacking in umbraco. ========================================================================= This package is part a set of smaller modules that I have found useful when working with umbraco. Other packages... More information
This library provides a NancControllerModule, this creates a Nancy Module which binds methods to routes similar to the way it looks and feels in Mvc.Net.
Adds url for getting the umbraco version as a svg badge. This can be added to your README file to always be able to see what version of umbraco is running. set the kxb.umbraco.versionbadge.secret app setting.
EntityControllerBase to create Api Controllers with complete OData query parameters support $expand, $select, $filter, $orderby, $count, $top and $skip
Lightweight .NET component for Nancy to create simple rest-resources. The component decouples the module and the controller to make testing easier.
Simple example of WizardController that use partial view for render the wizard's form. See ActionStep view code example. Version 1.1 Example of AutoWizardController, render the wizard's form in a single page without using partial view, see AutoStep view code.