• DequeNET (pronounced Deck Net) provides a concurrent lock-free deque C# implementation. A deque, or double-ended queue, is a data structure that allows insertion and removal of items on both ends. ConcurrentDeque<T> supports 6 operations in constant time O(1): PushRight, PopRight, PeekRight,... More information
  • JSend.WebApi extends ASP.NET Web API 2's ApiController and provides several helper methods to easily build JSend formatted responses.
  • JSend.Client is a web client for performing basic CRUD operations on an API that conforms to the JSend specification.
  • MementoContainer is an alternative approach to the Memento design pattern. It is a lightweight utility that takes a snapshot of your objects' state so that you can easily rollback to a previous state when recovering from errors.
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    • Latest version: 1.0.1
    This is an alternative for Windows Workflow Rules Engine's default serializer - WorkflowMarkUpSerializer. This version serializes a RuleSet in a more readable XML format, making it easier to resolve version control merge conflicts. Credits to Chris Eyre.
  • Sequences is a port of Scala's Stream[+A] to C#. A Sequence<T> is an immutable lazy list whose elements are only evaluated when they are needed. A sequence is composed by a head (the first element) and a lazily-evaluated tail (the remaining elements). The fact that the tail is lazily-evaluated,... More information