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A multiple instance and thread safe unique number sequence generator. Replicates the create sequence transact-SQL functionality (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff878091.aspx) in a .Net assembly.
Pipeline Core
Pipeline is an abstraction of the sequenced network nodes. It is the basic structure of neural networks and can be used for any sequenced operations.
Sequence workflow library for javascript, can run on browser or on node. can manage deep nested callbacks or list of functions that needs to run in sequence, with support for loops and logical operations. also supports async functions to be called by the flow, and then resume flow when async... More information
[4.5] This package offer additional Observable sequences for reactive programming needs new types - ObservableStreamReader: receives bytes from any Stream and routes them to all subsribers new extensions - Broadcast: routes messages from a sequence to multiple chains of new operators -... More information