• The "Web API Correlator" enables correlation functionality for Web API and interconnected Web API services within a service composition. With the increasing complexity of modern distributed SOA systems containing interconnected services, it becomes crucial to determine causal relationships... More information
  • The Throttling Suite provides throttling control capabilities to the .NET Web API applications. It is highly customizable product, yet simple to use. The implementation supports all available hosting options provisioning equal functionality for IIS-hosted and OWIN self-hosted solutions. It is... More information
  • REST-service component is a server-side framework that allows easy creation and working with HTTP and REST services within any ASP.NET application, including capability to work with backend server-side .NET code via REST or HTTP services from client-side javascript or other types of client code.... More information
  • This library provides extended cache capabilities to the ASP.NET applications. It includes the MongoDB and SQL Server output cache providers extending ASP.NET Output Cache capabilities by allowing to store cached data outside of the application process that is especially important in web-farm... More information
  • The library contains multiple controller types implementing different throttling strategies: Linear throttling - limits the number of calls by enforcing specified delay between consequent requests; Short Average - limits the number of calls by specified number of requests per configured duration;... More information
  • ErrorSense is a software designed to help you manage software development, increase product quality and improve customer satisfaction. ErrorSense collects error information from your applications and allows you to quickly analyze them and determine the most problematic areas in your applications. It... More information