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AutomationML API contains the CAEX-ClassModel Version 2.15, an AutomationML Validation Engine and specific AutomationML Extensions to the CAEX-ClassModel. The AMLEngine prior to Version 3.4.0 is available as .net3.5 and .net4.0 Versions. The AMLEngine Versions from 3.4.0 and later are .net4.0... More information
This first version contains a WPF Custom Control, which can be used to visualize an AutomationML Object and selected descendants in a WPF TreeView. The TreeView Nodes are decorated with Icons which are specific for each CAEX-Element.
This DLL is a contract DLL and defines Interface Classes which have to be implemented by AutomationML Editor - PlugIn Developers. When implemented, the PlugIn Class should EXPORT its Interface with Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF). The PlugIn DLL has to be located under the PlugIns Directory... More information