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AutomationML API contains the CAEX-ClassModel Version 2.15, an AutomationML Validation Engine and specific AutomationML Extensions to the CAEX-ClassModel. The AMLEngine prior to Version 3.4.0 is available as .net3.5 and .net4.0 Versions. The AMLEngine Versions from 3.4.0 and later are .net4.0... More information
The Aml.Engine allows you to process AutomationML documents with a provided Application Programming Interface, based on .NET. Using the API you interact with CAEX-Elements and AutomationML-Objects. The Aml.Engine supports AutomationML documents based on CAEX2.15 as wells as documents, based on CAEX... More information
This first version contains a WPF Custom Control, which can be used to visualize an AutomationML Object and selected descendants in a WPF TreeView. The TreeView Nodes are decorated with Icons which are specific for each CAEX-Element.
This package provides the icons and styles used in the AutomationML Editor, among others, to design the user interface. Plugin developers can use this package to synchronize the appearance of a plugin with that of the editor.
Additional services to support the processing of AutomationML documents in addition to the functions of the Aml.Engine. The Aml.Engine recognizes registered services and uses them, for example, for queries or when generating unique names.