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Command Query Separation for .NET Framework and .NET Standard ⚙️ ✔️ Build services that separate the responsibility of commands and queries ✔️ Focus on implementing the handlers for commands and queries ✔️ Create APIs with less boilerplate code 📄 https://hlaueriksson.me/CommandQuery/
Interfaces for CommandQuery ✔️ ICommand / ICommandHandler<in TCommand> ✔️ ICommand<TResult> / ICommandHandler<in TCommand, TResult> ✔️ IQuery<TResult> / IQueryHandler<in TQuery, TResult> 📄 https://hlaueriksson.me/CommandQuery/
Command Query Separation for ASP.NET Core 🌐 ✔️ Provides generic actions for handling the execution of commands and queries ✔️ Enables APIs based on HTTP POST and GET 📄 https://hlaueriksson.me/CommandQuery.AspNetCore/
Command Query Separation for AWS Lambda ⚡ ✔️ Provides generic function support for commands and queries with Amazon API Gateway ✔️ Enables APIs based on HTTP POST and GET 📄 https://hlaueriksson.me/CommandQuery.AWSLambda/