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  • last updated 8/25/2020
  • Latest version: 0.2.1
  • Raw disk Disk
Library to read and write to raw disks in Windows
Devio by: lost
  • 1,807 total downloads
  • last updated 7/7/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.6
  • disk
.NET binding for Devio protocol. Devio protocol is used by ImDisk to forward I/O requests to its virtual drives to third-party format handlers or servrices. Basically it allows you to write a logical disk driver in .NET
DirectoryInfoEx has a similar interface as DirectoryInfo, but it use IShellFolder, and it support special folders like desktop, mycomputer.
Lightweight library for caching data on disk instead of using memory. -Simple interface: Everything possible by calling getting or setting method. -Supports AES encryption for data saved on disk -No other dependencies -Support for .NET 3.5 and above -Auto-clearing of all files used for... More information