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RawRabbit.vNext (deprecated)
RawRabbit.vNext is deprecated. Use RawRabbit.DependencyInjection.ServiceCollection for dependency registration.
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  • last updated 11/30/2016
  • Latest version: 0.1.4
  • Raw disk Disk
Library to read and write to raw disks in Windows
MeadCo ScriptX 7 Add-on for Internet Explorer - installers for web sites
MeadCo's ScriptX is the world's favourite Internet Explorer add-on for total control over printing html and pdf documents, labels or bar codes from client and server computers running Microsoft Windows. This package provides the installers to deliver ScriptX to client PCs. Note that other packages... More information
[4.0] ImageResizer simplify resizing and converting images as byte[] or Stream to and from any format supportin jpeg compression Newly extension methods: + ToResizedImage + ToByteArray + GetMimeType + GetImageFormat + GetBorderAveragedColor
MeadCo ScriptX 7 ASP.NET Web Forms server controls
The package provides a web server control to define the print settings such as headers and footers, margins, paper size etc and server controls for print and preview. In combination the controls simplify working with ScriptX and provide exemplars for implementing more complex functionality.