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.NET Email Validation Library
Email Validation Library for .NET. Verifies thousands of emails with multiple threads. Features: Mailbox Check, RFC 821 Syntax Check, Top Level Domain Check, Fake Email Pattern Matching, Disposable Email Detection, Free Email Detection, Grey Listing Detection, Black Listing Detection, Curse Word... More information
Beanoh.NET is a simple open source way to verify you Spring context. Teams that leverage Beanoh spend less time focusing on configuring Spring and more time adding business value
MailboxValidator SingleValidation
This .NET library provides an easy way to call the MailboxValidator API which validates if an email address is a valid one. This module can be used in many types of projects such as: * validating a user's email during sign up * cleaning your mailing list prior to an email marketing campaign * a... More information
EdlinSoftware Verifier of Complex Objects
Sometimes in automation tests we need to validate work of methods, returning very complex objects as a result. We want to be sure, that these objects have correct structure. Common assertion libraries allow us to check our expectation about simple objects (strings, numbers), and collections of... More information