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BEFORE READING: There are different schools of thought about var keyword usage. This analyzer is inspired by Jeremy post at http://jeremybytes.blogspot.it/2014/02/demystifying-var-keyword-in-c.html. VarAnalyzer is an Analyzer with Code Fix developed using the Roslyn platform. It allows users to... More information
TestStack.Dossier provides you with the code infrastructure to easily and quickly generate test fixture data for your automated tests in a terse, readable and maintainable way using the Test Data Builder, anonymous value and equivalence class patterns. Formerly called NTestDataBuilder.
Fluency is a factory that creates object graphs populated with fake data. Fluency exposes a customizeable fluent interface that constructs test objects (including the full graph of dependencies). Yet it only requires you to specify the few things your test is actually concerned with--everything else... More information