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  • bytes
ByteSize is a utility class that makes byte size representation in code easier by removing ambiguity of the value being represented. ByteSize is to bytes what System.TimeSpan is to time.
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  • Parser Time Bytes
Small package of a few parsers I have reused on multiple occasions by now.
A library for mapping binary data onto .NET primitive types. Mapping to objects of custom classes also supported.
File type checker that checks the file's magic numbers/identifying bytes. Useful for verifying uploaded files in web applications. NuGet package of code originally written by https://github.com/mjolka and extended to allow for dependency injecting the known file types.
Image.Resize(extension) High quality resizing of the image in just one line of code. Image.ToBytes(extension) Convert image/bitmap to byte array. Image.SaveAs(extension) Save Image/Bitmap as file. Supported formats are: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. More GDI+ extensions will come in next... More information