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Bar Code makes it easy to add the most common 2D and linear bar codes to any WPF application or report. It takes all the work out of the bar code generation process by allowing you to simply say what value to encode. It automatically calculates any appropriate checksums and generates the resulting... More information
Exemplo: var barcode2 = new Barcode("123412341234123412341234", TypeBarcode.Code128C); var bar128 = barcode2.Encode(TypeBarcode.Code128C, "123412341234123412341234", 300, 150); bar128.Save(@"C:\temp\teste.jpg");
ConnectCode Barcode Fonts library is a .Net DLL that generates barcodes using fonts. As a font raster to the output device and are not limited to DPI (Dots per Inch) of the computer screen, a barcode generated using fonts is of the highest quality and can meet the strictest requirements required by... More information
Barcode Professional SDK for .NET Standard can be used for adding advanced barcode image generation to any .NET Framework, .NET CORE, ASP.NET (legacy & Core), Xamarin, Mono or UWP applications. Features: - Linear, Postal & 2D Barcode Symbologies - Generate barcode images in many formats like PNG,... More information