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Provides a strongly typed way of specifying and accessing settings using dependency injection. This package was built from the source code at https://github.com/aspnet/Extensions/tree/0de62ae930da31048ba7e54c8cd0c6c0bcbd9095
A library for writing console applications. Extends Mono.Options to support separate commands from one console application.
A callback-based program option parser for C#. See the documenation at http://docs.go-mono.com/?link=N%3aMono.Options and some examples in the code and under the OptionSet topic at http://docs.go-mono.com/?link=T%3aMono.Options.OptionSet
OEC API library encapsulates network communication between client application and OEC Servers and provided object-oriented access to OEC functionality through exposed components (objects), their properties, methods and events.