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Settings Plugin for Xamarin and Windows
Settings Plugin for Xamarin and Windows provides a consistent, cross platform settings/preferences plugin. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET apps and have cross platform settings. Manage and use all settings from one PCL/NetStandard library and save natively on each... More information
Advexp.Settings Local
Advexp.Settings Local - settings for Xamarin. Create cross-platform settings and make them accessible in your iOS or Android projects natively. Support any built-in or user-defined types which can be saved as a setting. Saving settings as dynamic parameters (name - value pairs). It is unit tested... More information
A simple library for storing preferences (and a first test of NuGet packaging). Not intended for public consumption.
AutoLogin by Mabrouk
This package helps developers to implement auto connection of app user after his first valid identification. It works for Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS.
NOTE: It's enough to add this package to only Portable Layer. v.1.3.0 UPDATED!! Fully upggraded to .Net Standard 2.0 Object Collection Saving & Loading problem solved. Clear() problem solved. It works fine now. v.1.2.3 Stabled all features from v.1.2.2... More information
Advexp.Settings Cloud
Advexp.Settings Cloud - settings for Xamarin, evaluation version. Create cross-platform settings and make them accessible in your iOS or Android applications natively. Ability to save settings locally or to a cloud and sync them across different devices by using the Amazon Cognito Sync... More information
pbX Settings Plugin for UWP, iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, Android and .NET
Plugin that makes it easy to handle all sorts of settings, more precisely, values of any type that is accessed through a key. This plugin was inspired by another similar component written by James Montemagno, but I used a different approach to data handling and usage. This plugin uses the native... More information