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C# RTSP Client for .NET - Supported transport protocols: TCP/HTTP/UDP - Supported media codecs: H.264/MJPEG/AAC/G711A/G711U/PCM/G726 - No external dependencies, pure C# code - Asynchronous nature with cancellation tokens support - Designed to be fast and scaleable - Low GC pressure during receive... More information
The SIPSorcery package consists of a C# SIP protocol stack that implements all the required UDP, TCP and TLS transports as specified in RFC3261. There are also partial implementations of a number of related protocols: STUN, SDP, RTP, RTCP and WebRTC. The SIP functionality includes a number of user... More information
This project's goal is to allow developers to deliver media to clients freely in less then 10 lines of code utilizing standards complaint protocol implementations. It also aims to provide a re-usable set of classes for working with Rtsp and Rtp/Rtcp and Sdp.