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GroupDocs.Classification for .NET is an easy to use library that allows performing sentiment analysis (classification), document classification, and raw text categorization. Features: * Classifies both raw text and documents with IAB-2, Documents, Sentiment, or Sentiment3 taxonomies.... More information
A property editor and content app to assist with tagging content and searching content against the tags. Create a data type using the Taxonomy property editor, and add a field of that tag data type to a content page. For Usage Instructions watch the video for this package at the project... More information
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  • last updated 8/16/2022
  • Latest version: 3.0.0-rc0004
  • RDF SKOS Taxonomy
Provides a convience API for working the RDF graphs that contain SKOS Concept Schemes.
JohnE5 (based on everyone's favorite Short Circuit character) uses a weighted word association multi-category classifier concept which is ideal for training text taxonomization models. The project is open source and is designed to be an entry point into understanding the mechanics of machine... More information