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This NuGet package allows you to query the database of MusicDemons.com. It provides the necessary entities and services, as well as OAuth as authentication mechanism. MusicDemons is an open-source and open-data platform where people, artists and songs can be stored and retrieved without limits.
Obfuscar is a basic obfuscator for .NET assemblies. It uses massive overloading to rename metadata in .NET assemblies (including the names of methods, properties, events, fields, types and namespaces) to a minimal set, distinguishable in most cases only by signature.
About FineUI ExtJS based open source ASP.NET Controls FineUI Mission Create No JavaScript, No CSS, No UpdatePanel, No ViewState and No WebServices web application Support Browsers IE 8.0+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari License Apache License 2.0 (Apache) Note: ExtJS is released under GPL v3... More information
Open Waves is framework developed at Making Waves that aims to streamline development of ASP.NET applications
This includes all dependencies required for the OpenWebkitSharp. This a nuget package for the resource available here https://code.google.com/archive/p/open-webkit-sharp/downloads as is from .Net framework 4.0 onwards
Open Waves is framework developed at Making Waves that aims to streamline development of ASP.NET applications. Provides set of utility controls and enhencments like Assembly Resource Virtual Path Provider.
Find the source code @ https://github.com/akamai-open/AkamaiOPEN-edgegrid-C-Sharp Sample Usage var accessToken = ""; var clientToken = ""; var secret = ""; var signer = new EdgeGridV1Signer(); var credential = new... More information
Genesys Source .NET Extensions for .NET Framework (Full), MVC, Web API, WPF, Web Forms and Win Forms.
Genesys Source Extension common-library .NET Framework extension methods and extra classes. Genesys Framework is a full-stack .NET solution that centralizes your business objects in one reusable solution.