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GroupDocs.Classification for .NET is an easy to use library that allows performing sentiment analysis (classification), document classification, and raw text categorization. Features: * Classifies both raw text and documents with IAB-2, Documents, Sentiment, or Sentiment3 taxonomies.... More information
Zoople Text Spelling is spell checking DLL for .NET Framework and COM applications - Multi-lingual spell checking on Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 - Checks single words, sentences, and paragraphs - Returns character positions, and spelling suggestions for each word checked - Requires no additional... More information
Aspose. OCR Cloud is a simple ocr technology, which you can use in your application to convert image to text. Add OCR to your app with simply few line of code. Any language, any platform, no hardware resources. Automatic skew correction and advanced automative image pre-processing: Aspose.OCR... More information