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The Cuemon namespace contains fundamental types such as value and reference types, factories and utility classes, interfaces, attributes and feature rich delegates that support functional programming on a whole new level. The namespace is an addition to the System namespace.
The Cuemon.Threading namespace contains types related to working with long-running concurrent loops and regions that utilizes both synchronous and asynchronous delegates. The namespace is an addition to the System.Threading namespace.
The Cuemon.Xml namespace contains types related to encoding, converting and serialization. The included lightweight XML serializer framework offers same flexibility as the one provided by the JSON equivalent from Newtonsoft. The namespace is an addition to both System.Xml- and... More information
The Cuemon.AspNetCore namespace contains types focusing on providing means for easier plumber coding in the ASP.NET Core pipeline while serving some nice of the shell concrete implementation as well. The namespace is an addition to the Microsoft.AspNetCore namespace.
The Cuemon.Diagnostics namespace contains types that provide ways for developers to describe exceptions including evidence to why an operation faulted. Also includes a flexible, generic and lambda friendly way to perform both synchronous and asynchronous time measuring operations. The namespace is... More information
The Cuemon.AspNetCore,Mvc namespace contains types that specializes in cache expiration and validation models and an abundant range of ready-to-use filters in the ASP.NET Core MVC pipeline. The namespace is an addition to the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc namespace.
The Cuemon.Security.Cryptography namespace contains types related to cryptographic hashing (both keyed and non-keyed) and a ready-to-use implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric algorithm. The namespace is an addition to the System.Security.Cryptography namespace.
The Cuemon.AspNetCore.Authentication namespace contains types that enable support for authentication using the concept of an Authenticator, AuthorizationHeader and (to tie the knots) an AuthorizationHeaderBuilder. The namespace is an addition to the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication namespace.