Reactive ASCOM
A library based on the Reactive Extensions for .NET for simplifying device communications over serial, Ethernet and other types of communications channel to embedded controllers, while guaranteeing correct sequencing and thread-safety of transactions. Originally developed for use with... More information
ASCOM Platform binaries
The runtime assemblies from the ASCOM Platform, conveniently bundled as a NuGet package. Useful when you need to build a project on a computer where you can't or prefer not to install the ASCOM Platform, e.g. on a build server or build agent. On a machine with the ASCOM Platform installed, these... More information
Netduino display driver for SSD1306 OLED.
A text-based display driver for SSD1306 I2C OLED displays, targeting .NET MicroFramework 4.3+ and Netduino Plus hardware platform. The driver works with I2C interface (only) and offers basic text rendering using bitmapped fonts. Two very minimal fonts are included but because fonts have... More information
Obfuscar, open source obfuscator for .NET applications
  • 614 total downloads
  • last updated 4/29/2014
  • Latest version: 2.0.0-rc7 (prerelease)
  • obfuscation .net
NuGet packaging by Tigra Astronomy. This NuGet package is intended to support the 'NuGet no-commit workflow' and is a simple repackaging of binaries downloaded from - no originality or rights are claimed. This package is provided 'as-is' without warranty of any kind... More information