Xamarin bindings to the native DGActivityIndicatorView.
Xamarin bindings to the native DGActivityIndicatorView, which is a great way to make loading spinners in your application look nicer. It contains 6 different indicator view styles. Inspired by: http://connoratherton.com/loaders
Xamarin bindings to the native Android Streaming Red5Pro SDK
The Red5 Pro Streaming SDKs are native libraries and frameworks to add to your iOS, Android and Web-Based (HTML/JS/CSS) projects to connect to a Red5 Pro Server and broadcast or subscribe to a live video stream.
Xamarin Opentok Helpers
  • 522 total downloads
  • last updated 3/10/2017
  • Latest version: 1.0.1
Utils for Xamarin OpenTok binding libraries. Include Token generation, Session generation, Archive control