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Excolo Slider
A clean and simple jQuery carousel plugin, supporting responsive design and touch navigation, etc. Visit the GitHub page for information about installation and configuration. If you have questions, find bugs or have suggestions, feel free to post an issue on the GitHub project page, and I'll... More information
jQuery Touch Slider Carousel
- auf dem Modernizr wird nur der Test für touch benötigt, hier kann man also auch seine eigene Version erstellen und nutzen. - Auf einem Gerät was Touch verwendet, kann einfach per swipeleft oder swiperight auf dem Slider selbst zur nächsten Folie gewechselt werden - Einfach alle js und css Dateien... More information
The Carousel control is a user interface providing rich visual navigation experience of image data. It also provides efficient customization of items and interactive navigation features. Note: This package is intended to be installed in native Xamarin.Android projects only. This is a commercial... More information
Paged carousel view for Xamarin.Forms
XFPagedCarouselView for Xamarin.Forms provides a custom ContentView allowing you to display paged carousel views in Android and iOS apps. Support for square/rectangle, rounded square/rectangle, circle, heart, oval, triangle and star page indicator. Sample available on GitHub... More information