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  • ffmpeg
FFmpeg auto generated unsafe bindings for C#/.NET and Mono.
Video converter component for C#/.NET (wrapper for ffmpeg command line tool). Can convert video/audio files, transcode live streams, extract video thumbnails, apply watermarks to video, screen capture etc - everything that is possible with ffmpeg from the command line. Supports .NET streams for... More information
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  • ffmpeg
Packages the ffmpeg.exe executable. Installing this package adds a build step to your project that will copy this executable to the bin directory under a "ffmpeg" folder. Refer to the FFmpeg documentation for details on how to use this executable (https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html).
MediaToolkit is a .NET library which can convert and process audio and video files. Functionality: - Grab thumbnails from videos - Cut / split videos - Convert video files into various other video formats. - Perform video transcoding tasks. - Set bit rate - Set frame rate - Set... More information