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Microsoft Azure Storage Client Library for C++
!!! Note that this package will no longer be updated with the package name 'wastorage.v120' after version 4.0.0. The package is renamed to 'Microsoft.Azure.Storage.CPP.v120' !!! The new package can be found in: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Microsoft.Azure.Storage.CPP.v120 This... More information
The Command Dispatcher pattern is an addition to the Command design pattern that decouples the dispatcher for a service from its execution. A Command Dispatcher component maps commands to handlers. A Command Processor pattern provides a framework for handling orthogonal concerns such as logging,... More information
Windows Azure Storage Premium Table
This client library enables working with the premium offering of Azure Table storage, as part of the Azure Cosmos DB service, with support for global distribution, automatic secondary indexes, dedicated throughput, and single-digit millisecond latency. See "Getting started with the Azure Cosmos DB:... More information
ESB / Message Bus implementation for Microsoft.Net, based on SQL Server database as a message store. Supported features: - Durable and transactional messages - Pub/Sub message routing - Support for Sagas - Message sequences, expiration, correlation, http bridge - Robust retrying strategy,... More information