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NET Database query-layer
NET-Database query layer components will be a useful addition to any application or website to create SQL queries to your database in a OO way. It supports the majority of different database types such as SQL Server® MySQL® o PostgreSQL®, but is easy extend to any ADO.NET provider.
Generic Services is a .NET class library to help build a service layer, i.e. a layer that acts as a facard/adapter between your data layers containing an Entity Framework database and your User Interface or HTTP service.
DtoGen is a simple generator for Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) and conversion methods between original objects and DTOs. You can exclude some properties from the class that are not needed in the DTO and also perform renaming and simple conversions.
Tangy Fruit Mapper for C# code
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  • last updated 1/23/2016
  • Latest version: 1.0.12
  • DTO Mapper Mapping
A convention based and old school 'solve it with plain code' approach to mapping a Model object to a Dto object using code generation.
Reduce your code churn when mapping between your entity and domain layers. Simply have your repositories and entities inherit from the provided classes and interfaces, define your AutoMapper config and you're done. Supports IoC injection of database context and AutoMapper configuration.
A zero-configuration, highly-configurable object-object mapper with viewable execution plans. Projects queries, transforms, deep clones, updates and merges via extension methods, or a static or instance API. Targets .NET Standard 1.0+ and .NET 3.5+