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Ultimate Cross Platform Build and NuGet Restore
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  • last updated 5/29/2015
  • Latest version: 0.4.6
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Automates build and NuGet package restore for Visual Studio/MSBuild and Xamarin Studio/XBuild. This package provides a simple and straightforward way to build solutions and nuget packages via command line or IDE builds, with automatic NuGet package restore without impacting build... More information
Provides a sandboxed JavaScript runtime natively to a .Net Standard 2.0 application on Windows, Linux and macOS. Applications can expose custom modules and types written in .Net code to the runtime, making it useful for providing a rules engine or other scripted capabilities that interact with... More information
适用于Windwos8.1/Windows Phone8.1/Windows Universal(Win10)App调用,提供云端存储、调用,图片压缩等服务,开通一次后名下应用均可使用,并且赠送5G免费存储空间和每天免费使用额度!集成简单,5分钟让你拥有自己的云端存储服务器!