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AzureCopy is a .NET library to allow copying between local filesystem, Azure, S3, Onedrive, Sharepoint Online and Dropbox.
Windows Phone 8 OneDrive Browse Task
Do you need to integrate OneDrive file access into your Windows Phone 8 app? Instead of starting from scratch with the Live SDK, use the OneDrive browse task to open the current user's files as easily as you request a photo or send an email. Just authenticate your LiveClient, setup the task, and... More information
OneDriveRestAPIt is a C# client for the Microsoft OneDrive service through its RESTful API. Microsoft has released the Live SDK, a set of C# libraries for interacting with OneDrive, which is hard to extend and debug, as it relies on async HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse.
OneDrive API
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Contains a OneDrive API that can be used to read from and write to the Consumer OneDrive and OneDrive for Business on Office 365. It has support for both using the Azure Active Directory and the Azure Active Directory v2.0 endpoints which allow communication via either the tenant-my.microsoft.com... More information
Unofficial OneDriveSDK NuGet
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Unofficial OneDriveSDK based on REST API - merged in WPFOneDriveLibrary