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AzureCopy is a .NET library to allow copying between local filesystem, Azure, S3, Onedrive, Sharepoint Online and Dropbox.
Windows Phone 8 OneDrive Browse Task
Do you need to integrate OneDrive file access into your Windows Phone 8 app? Instead of starting from scratch with the Live SDK, use the OneDrive browse task to open the current user's files as easily as you request a photo or send an email. Just authenticate your LiveClient, setup the task, and... More information
OneDriveRestAPIt is a C# client for the Microsoft OneDrive service through its RESTful API. Microsoft has released the Live SDK, a set of C# libraries for interacting with OneDrive, which is hard to extend and debug, as it relies on async HttpWebRequest/HttpWebResponse.
Unofficial OneDriveSDK NuGet
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Unofficial OneDriveSDK based on REST API - merged in WPFOneDriveLibrary