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NSpectator is a ready-to-use solution for development using .NET with Context/Specification flavor. Toolset is intended to be used to drive development through specifying behavior and interaction at the unit level. NSpectator has no dependencies. Feel free to use any assertion library.
NSpectator`s Selenium toolset is a ready-to-use PageObjects for pragmatic development of browser automation and Web user interface acceptance tests and verification. Enjoy using fluent configuration, sessions and page objects to write tests as fast as you think it should works!
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  • last updated 2/25/2015
  • Latest version: 1.0.2
  • Agile DONE Criteria
Ability to define and enforce custom DONE criteria Integrate with any work tracking system like, TFS, Rally, Jira, etc. (via API) Extend DONE criteria evaluation rules Ability to send analysis report to multiple consumers like - email - store in DB (can be later used to discover trends, etc)
With inspiration taken from mocking frameworks like NSubstitute, FakeItEasy and JustMock this package adds some of the syntactic advantages of these frameworks to Moq. TransparentMoq allows to use Moq without having to store mocks in Mock<T> variables, instead a T variable can be used. This also... More information