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Template EnterpriseLibrary.Data
O template de Enterprise Library Data Access apresenta de forma estruturada para os aplicativos, utilizando o método SOLID, que visa simplificar o desenvolvimento de tarefas que implementam a funcionalidade de acesso a banco de dados. Já com os templates estruturados os aplicativos podem usar... More information
Template 10 Library for Windows UWP XAML/.NET apps on Windows 10
A rich library of helpers, services, and base classes for new and existing Windows UWP apps to maximize awesomeness and minimize boilerplate garbage. This library has a companion Visual Studio Extension called "Template 10 Template Pack".
Lightweight JavaScript library to be used for pulling external templates & other content asynchronously/synchronously. (see http://freshbrewedcode.com/jimcowart/2011/11/30/infuser-a-template-loader/)
Knockout.js External Template Engine
The Knockout.js External Template Engine extends Knockout.js to allow you to load templates asynchronously from a remote resource. It currently supports both native and jquery templates. Special thanks to Ryan Niemeyer for the assistance in getting jquery templates working in this version of the... More information
Transform Text Templates On Build
Automatically transforms on build all files with a build action of `None` that have the `TextTemplatingFilePreprocessor` or `TextTemplatingFileGenerator` custom tools associated, without requiring the installation of any Visual Studio SDK.
NVelocity is a port of the excellent Apache Jakarta Velocity project. It is a very simple, easy to learn and extensible template engine. Due to the lack of releases, support and bug fixes on the original port, the Castle Team decided to fork the project, bringing it to our code repository, fixing... More information
Zurb Foundation 5.5 for MVC
Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. With Foundation you can quickly prototype and build sites or apps that work on any kind of device, with tons of included layout constructs (like a full responsive grid), elements and best practices. Homepage:... More information
This library will shape-shift your forms experience in ASP.NET MVC. It makes it really easy to tersely output a form and easily apply a different template with a single line of code.