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Empty Keys UI MonoGame
Empty Keys UI is XAML based UI for .NET or Mono. It's Portable Class Library. This package supports only MonoGame engine.
Empty Keys UI Generator
Empty Keys UI is XAML based UI for .NET or Mono. This package contains only UI Generator and Designer.
Cocos2D-XNA is a simple game engine typically used for 2D games, educational software and 2D visualizations. This code allows games to be built with a write-once, run-anywhere approach. This package will add the Cocos2D-XNA dependencies to a Windows XNA game.
MonoGame integration with WPF. This package provides the D3D11Host from the MonoGame WpfInteropSample. It extends it with WpfGame, WpfMouse and WpfKeyboard and makes it actually usable in any WPF application.
Terrarium SDK
Terrarium provides a great way for developers to learn about the .NET programming model and language as they develop creatures and introduce them into a peer-to-peer ecosystem.