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Syncfusion PresentationToPDFConverter is a .NET library that allows you to convert the PowerPoint presentation to PDF in any ASP.NET Web Forms applications without any Microsoft Office dependencies. Key features: • Convert PowerPoint presentations with all the commonly used PowerPoint elements... More information
ImageSlideAnimator allows you to create sliding right-left images that are too wide for you application pages.
Touch Controls are a set of WinJS controls that you can use to increase the level of touch interactivity in your Windows 8 apps. See project page for more information: http://github.com/dwcares/touchcontrols Control types * Slide button * Pull to refresh * GamePad
[WARNING] This package is deprecated. Please use ShapeCrawler instead. A lightweight .NET library for parse PowerPoint file (PPTX) presentations without Microsoft Office installed. SlideDotNet is a fluent wrapper around Open XML SDK for the processing of PowerPoint files without Microsoft Office... More information