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Extend NLog with targets and layout renderers for websites and web applications. This package is for ASP.NET 3.5+ For ASP.NET Core: Check https://www.nuget.org/packages/NLog.Web.AspNetCore
The NLog Redis Target is a custom target for NLog version 2.0 allowing you to send logging messages to a Redis list. Very useful for logstash integration.
NLog target that supports Blob and table storage in single nuget package. Can use queued batches to greatly improve performance. Recommended to use as a async target.
codingfreaks NuGet targets
Allows to easily integrate NuGet packaging into the build-process including version-upgrades.
Custom NLog Target for sending log messages straight to an Azure Storage Endpoint in real-time. Note that Append Blobs are the only supported storage endpoints at this time.