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  • text unicode seo
It provides string or char extension method Unidecode() that returns transliterated string. It supports huge amount of languages. And it's very easy to add your language if it's not supported already!
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  • unicode c#
NStack.Core brings a set of updated APIs to .NET. It starts with a new string type that is focused on Unicode code-points as opposed to the historical chars and UTF-16 encoding and introduces a utf8 string that supports slicing
Detect character set for files, steams and other bytes. This package is based on Ude (https://github.com/errepi/ude), which is a port of the Mozilla Universal Charset Detector (https://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/extensions/universalchardet/). Features: - Detects 28 charsets - Easy to use API... More information
UDE.CSharp.UWP is a compiled C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector for windows 10 UWP.
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  • slug url unicode
A permissive slug generator that works with unicode.