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PCRE.NET - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions for .NET
PCRE.NET is a .NET wrapper for the PCRE library. The goal of this project is to bring most of PCRE's features for use from .NET applications with as little overhead as possible.
A command line tool that can be used to generate data for testing or other uses. You provide it with a pattern containing symbols defining the output you want to produce and it will create random data to match that pattern.
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Provides the System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex class, an implementation of a regular expression engine.
Utils for .NET applications + Serializers for object to JSON and XML + Object Binder for NameValueCollection to Object + Safe converter for any object type to another object type + Regular Expression patterns for many string format + Extension methods for some actions + Hash utils for crypto + File... More information
FluentRx - A Simple Fluent Regex API
FluentRx is a simple fluent regex API abstraction over regex, enabling you to write regex expressions cleanly, functionally and maintainably, and not worry about their godawfull syntax.
RegexMatcher is a library that maintains an internal dictionary of type <Regex, object>. Populate the dictionary with a series of Regex and the objects that should be returned when a match is found while evaluating some input.