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PCRE.NET - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions for .NET
PCRE.NET is a .NET wrapper for the PCRE library. The goal of this project is to bring most of PCRE's features for use from .NET applications with as little overhead as possible.
A command line tool that can be used to generate data for testing or other uses. You provide it with a pattern containing symbols defining the output you want to produce and it will create random data to match that pattern.
Utils for .NET applications + Serializers for object to JSON and XML + Object Binder for NameValueCollection to Object + Safe converter for any object type to another object type + Regular Expression patterns for many string format + Extension methods for some actions + Hash utils for crypto + File... More information
Platforms * .NET4.0 and higher * Silverlight 4 and higher * Xbox360 * Windows Phone 7.0 and higher * WinRT RegularExpressions * Match * MatchAll FriendlyStrings * Welcome (random 'Hello' string) ExtensionMethods * string[].ToCommaSeperated
FluentRx - A Simple Fluent Regex API
FluentRx is a simple fluent regex API abstraction over regex, enabling you to write regex expressions cleanly, functionally and maintainably, and not worry about their godawfull syntax.
RegexMatcher is a library that maintains an internal dictionary of type <Regex, object>. Populate the dictionary with a series of Regex and the objects that should be returned when a match is found while evaluating some input.
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Provides the System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex class, an implementation of a regular expression engine.
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This package provides collections that are thread safe and guaranteed to never change their contents, also known as immutable collections. Like strings, any methods that perform modifications will not change the existing instance but instead return a new instance. For efficiency reasons, the... More information