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AppShell provides a template to build UWA with a standard "hamburger" menu that is built upon SplitView control. This avoid you to write the same code or copy/paste the menu controls for each app while not sacrificing flexibility. AppShell was built starting from "XamlNavigation" sample project that... More information
Curanza Library for Universal Windows Platform
The main purpose of Curanza is to simplify the development of a UWP app for any supported platform. Today a modern app is developed using MVVM pattern, and Curanza helps you to successfully apply this pattern. Using Curanza, for example, you can bind a RelayCommand (and optionally his parameter) to... More information
Calendar Control Plugin for Xamarin.Forms
Custom calendar control for Xamarin.Forms. Customizable border thickness, color, background colors and formats. Version 1.0.8 or lower Built against: Version 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 Built against: -> Forked from original project by RebeccaXam Version... More information
Monolith4 is a Windows UWP library that lets you create animations in codebehind in a fluent, somewhat straightforward manner. It's a wrapper around the Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.Animation library that removes as much of the setup as possible.
A UWP class library containing useful controls and utilities for app development.