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Current Activity Plugin for Xamarin.Android
Provides a simple solution for getting access to the current Activity of the application when developing a Plugin for Xamarin. This will lay down a base "application" class for developers in their Android application with boilerplate code to get them started. Can be used with... More information
NControl is a Xamarin.Forms wrapper control built around the NGraphics library enabling developers to create custom controls without the need for custom renderers.
ACR Device Info Plugin for Xamarin and Windows
Get tons of device information - screen res, device ID, OS, phone model, network carrier, locale, such as screen resolution, IMEI, OS, battery - monitor app status, battery, connectivity
ACR Settings Plugin for Xamarin and Windows
A cross platform settings plugin for Xamarin and Windows. Unlike other setting libraries in the wild, this library provides several unique features * You can store/retrieve just about any type of object (thanks to Newtonsoft.Json) * You can monitor for changes using the Changed event * iCloud... More information