Aspose.Words 11.10.0

Aspose.Words for .NET class library supports DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and other formats. With Aspose.Words you can generate, modify, convert, render and print documents without utilizing Microsoft Word®

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Install-Package Aspose.Words -Version 11.10.0
dotnet add package Aspose.Words --version 11.10.0
<PackageReference Include="Aspose.Words" Version="11.10.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Aspose.Words --version 11.10.0
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Release Notes

There are 171 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

• Gradient fills are exported to PDF now.
• TOC (Table Of Contents) field update performance dramatically improved.
• Supported the Object.Attr syntax for both merge fields and tags.
• Shape handling improved. Text wrapping polygon info read/written.
• SvgSaveOptions.ImageSavingCallback public API member added.
• Range.ToDocument() public API member added.
• Added an option to specify image compression to produce smaller output PDF files.
• Optimized multipage PDF rendering.
• Multiple enhancements in DrawingML charts rendering.
• Improved floater object handling in code (performance and stability).
• Improved performance for .NET 4.0.
• Supported Asian Typography hanging punctuation.
• Multiple improvements in RTL layout.

This release introduces the new features, enhancements and fixes to the excptions, bugs and regressions as detailed below:

• New features

WORDSJAVA-383 Path gradient fill is not rendered to graphics on Java
WORDSJAVA-533 Support path gradient brush
WORDSJAVA-653 Export gradient fills to PDF
WORDSNET-1170 Add an option that controls how to export list labels to HTML
WORDSNET-3518 Allow getting Field from FieldChar's descendants
WORDSNET-5471 UnsupportedFileFormatException is thrown upon opening ODT document.
WORDSNET-600 Support stuck ending punctuation
WORDSNET-6696 Loading DOCX is throwing Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException
WORDSNET-6771 /stuck punctuation/ Doc to PDF conversion issue with page layout
WORDSNET-6896 WORDSNET-6804 Implement drawing of filled faces (without influence of light, considering z-coordinate)
WORDSNET-6897 WORDSNET-6804 Implement filling of faces with certain color
WORDSNET-6926 Implement node.ToDocument() function.
WORDSNET-6930 Export Bullet lists as UL and LI tags to HTML
WORDSNET-6941 WORDSNET-6968 Render axis title.
WORDSNET-6942 WORDSNET-6968 Render data labels
WORDSNET-6945 WORDSNET-6968 Render Error Bars.
WORDSNET-6946 WORDSNET-6968 Support rendering Pictures, Shapes and Textboxes on Chart Area
WORDSNET-7007 Add Shape compression options
WORDSNET-7145 Read wrapping points from .docx file
WORDSNET-7158 SvgSaveOptions doesn't contains callback for saving resources
WORDSNET-7236 File size of PDF files generated by Aspose.Words is too big.
WORDSNET-7249 Read/Write wrapping points from/to .rtf file.
WORDSNET-7301 Support inline style attribute of anchor tag

• Enhancements

WORDSJAVA-645 WORDSJAVA-608 Better support of Hebrew and Japanese for DateTime parsing and formatting
WORDSNET-4606 /text wrap:5/ Position of shapes is incorrect during rendering
WORDSNET-4860 /anchor push:20/ Support floater anchor push algorithm.
WORDSNET-6094 List with multiple levels is not converted correctly to HTML
WORDSNET-6493 Docx to HTML conversion issue with text position after Bullet symbols
WORDSNET-6647 Table cell widths calculation wrong for fixed preferred width tables.
WORDSNET-6776 WORDSNET-6968 Support fixed maximum and minimum values of axis
WORDSNET-6866 PNG images produced by latest Aspose.Words are all blured
WORDSNET-6898 WORDSNET-6804 Implement influence of light on color of face
WORDSNET-6899 WORDSNET-6804 Implement drawing of edges
WORDSNET-6900 WORDSNET-6804 Implement influence of light on color of edge
WORDSNET-6986 Make better support of complex bookmark on HTML export
WORDSNET-7123 Use shape's wrap points for building wrapping polygon.
WORDSNET-7124 Cache wrapping polygon
WORDSNET-7147 NodeCollection refactoring
WORDSNET-7152 text:display attribute of Section is not preserved during open/save
WORDSNET-7154 Rework floater object creation and storage to prepare for tight wrapping and vertical alignment integration
WORDSNET-7161 WORDSNET-6804 Adjust shape boundaries during MHT rendering
WORDSNET-7162 PdfSaveOptions.NumeralFormat does not function as expected if page layout is already built
WORDSNET-7163 Update third party licenses list
WORDSNET-7188 Page Borders are getting distorted in PDF
WORDSNET-7206 Investigate whether there is the better place to assign FallBack parent.
WORDSNET-7210 Update ExtractImageToFiles example to include DrawingML
WORDSNET-7211 Publish a list of the public API changes in the latest release
WORDSNET-7228 Rework IsSvg function.
WORDSNET-7234 ApsBoundingBoxCalculator clipping improvements
WORDSNET-7238 Not all the characters inserted in MERGEFIELD have same formatting
WORDSNET-7241 Shading.ForegroundPatternColor return incorrect value for ODT file
WORDSNET-7246 Implement wrapping polygon calculation for a group shape
WORDSNET-7255 Problem in MailMergeRegions when remove empty paragraph
WORDSNET-7261 Chart's data label invisible after Docx to PDF Conversion
WORDSNET-7281 ImageSaveOptions.TiffCompression changes the color of image
WORDSNET-7305 Splitting Pdf into pages results in creation of all resources for every new Pdf
WORDSNET-7323 WORDSNET-6804 Fix incorrect projection for turned shape with direction == center.
WORDSNET-7350 Contents are missing on converting Doc to Fixed file format.

• Exceptions

WORDSJAVA-635 Exception on saving the document
WORDSJAVA-636 Create Digitally Signed PDF Documents throws exception
WORDSJAVA-638 Style.setName throws java.lang.ClassCastException
WORDSNET-2395 “InvalidCastException” exception occurs when try to save document in MergeField event handler.
WORDSNET-3944 OutOfMemoryException is thrown when try saving large docuemnt as RTF or DOC.
WORDSNET-6144 System.NullReferenceException occurs while moving the cursor to a table cell.
WORDSNET-6187 UpdateFields results in exception when a field uses a very specific value
WORDSNET-6234 InvalidOperationException occurs when specifying MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveEmptyParagraphs
WORDSNET-6322 Exception occur while converting Doc to PDf
WORDSNET-6496 Unknown shading texture index / InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering DOC to PDF
WORDSNET-6619 Exception while converting doc to pdf when PreserveFormFields = true
WORDSNET-6708 Exception thrown while appending document.
WORDSNET-7063 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading DOCX file
WORDSNET-7129 InvalidOperationException occurs when specifying MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveEmptyParagraphs
WORDSNET-7131 ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-7143 Exception on working with Document/DocumentBuilder over IIS Express and IIS
WORDSNET-7151 Exception on loading Docx
WORDSNET-7169 shape.GetShapeRenderer() throws exception
WORDSNET-7175 Exception on converting Doc to HTML
WORDSNET-7250 NullReferenceException occurs upon Chart rendering.
WORDSNET-7265 Exception on loading ODT file.
WORDSNET-7267 Exception on loading Document
WORDSNET-7268 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-7274 Exception on loading TXT file
WORDSNET-7275 Exception on converting Doc to Fixed file format
WORDSNET-7285 Document.Save throws exception on converting Docx to Fixed file format
WORDSNET-7345 Exception on Loading ODT file
WORDSNET-7373 InvalidOperationException occurs when specifying MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveEmptyParagraphs

• Bugs

WORDSJAVA-602 Image gets dark when save Doc to Pdf.
WORDSJAVA-637 Copying styles doesn't work as expected when using StyleIdentifer
WORDSJAVA-643 Small Jar Hell with Xerces-J
WORDSJAVA-647 WORDSJAVA-636 Time zone shift in certificate date
WORDSJAVA-649 File name in hyperlink URL gets corrupted when exporting to PDF by using Aspose.Word for Java
WORDSJAVA-650 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs during rendering to Pdf
WORDSNET-5225 Left border of RTL table is lost
WORDSNET-5226 Centered floating table in RTL context is exported to HTML as left aligned
WORDSNET-5458 Style applied to hyperlink is not imported.
WORDSNET-5570 Text moves to the next row during rendering.
WORDSNET-5589 DOTX to DOT: DrawingML picture is not converting to Shape object
WORDSNET-5724 css drop while converting html to png/tiff
WORDSNET-5970 While converting doc to mhtml, bullet points behaves like symbol and Times New Roman spaces.
WORDSNET-6188 There should be at least a few pages of content before truncation in evaluation mode
WORDSNET-6274 Section break (Continues) in ODT is rendering as a Page Break in PDF
WORDSNET-6893 Docx to EPUB conversion issue, bullets displayed as question marks in output EPUB
WORDSNET-6991 UpdateFields calculates QUOTE field value incorrectly
WORDSNET-7015 Paragraphs in Shape are overlapping each other during printing
WORDSNET-7027 Incorrect table position when rendering to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7033 Extra Style are created while converting xlsm cell to Aspose.Words.Tables.Table.Cell
WORDSNET-7067 MailMergeCleanupOptions.RemoveUnusedRegions remove only top-level regions
WORDSNET-7068 Different cleanup behaviour for mail merge based on merged fields and templates
WORDSNET-7070 Docx to PDF conversion issue with text rendering
WORDSNET-7080 X and Y axis have incorrect numbering in DrawingMl charts in PDF
WORDSNET-7084 Floating table is rendering outside the Top edge of Page in PDF
WORDSNET-7085 Document.UpdateFields call freezes when License is set
WORDSNET-7086 ODT to HTML conversion issue with GroupShapes.
WORDSNET-7087 Null reference exception occurs when adding a new run to paragraph
WORDSNET-7090 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-7101 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering.
WORDSNET-7102 Unexpected character appears during DOC to RTF to PNG conversion
WORDSNET-7114 Shape in truncated at the bottom in page header on 2nd page in PDF
WORDSNET-7115 Paragraphs in Shape are overlapping each other in PDF
WORDSNET-7118 Incorrect table row height, too small.
WORDSNET-7119 Math Type Equations not converted properly Docx to PDF
WORDSNET-7120 Incorrect page number alignment in page header
WORDSNET-7121 Exception when saving Doc to EPUB with ExportFontResources option
WORDSNET-7122 Word for MAC is unable to merge Aspose.Words generated document
WORDSNET-7130 Content is not rendering with correct Fonts in PDF
WORDSNET-7133 Regions contained in IF fields are not removed
WORDSNET-7134 PdfSaveOptions.ExportCustomPropertiesAsMetadata do not export custom properties
WORDSNET-7139 Doc to PDF conversion issue with form controls
WORDSNET-7142 Object.Attribute notation does not work when using IMailMergeDataSource
WORDSNET-7157 Can't save document as XamlFlow into the stream
WORDSNET-7160 ODT Invisible field problem
WORDSNET-7164 Extra characters in Farsi Language (RTL) is inserted in PDF
WORDSNET-7165 Docx to HTML conversion issue with bookmarks
WORDSNET-7167 Border LineStyle set as HairLine do not visible in output Docx/Docm
WORDSNET-7168 Alternate background color of Rows is lost during importing HTML
WORDSNET-7172 Paragraph alignment is incorrect when importing HTML
WORDSNET-7174 Docx to Tiff conversion issue with shape
WORDSNET-7177 Docx to HTML conversion issue with chart rendering
WORDSNET-7182 Docm to PDF conversion issue with NumeralFormat.ArabicIndic
WORDSNET-7183 HTML Table Caption spans only first Cell instead of the entire table
WORDSNET-7191 <p> inside <li> which is nested in a <OL> is imported incorrectly
WORDSNET-7199 Aspose.Words freeze on loading docx file
WORDSNET-7202 Consider exporting Table Alignment as 'align' instead of 'style:text-align' attribute to <div>
WORDSNET-7207 Column width is imported incorrectly from HTML into Portrait Orientation of DOC
WORDSNET-7213 DrawingML is squeezed to occupy smaller space in PDF
WORDSNET-7215 Bar chart's data point values are not rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-7218 The scale at Y-axis has incorrect values in PDF
WORDSNET-7220 Min Max scale value and range of values in between are incorrect in PDF
WORDSNET-7221 Document.UpdateFields call freezes
WORDSNET-7223 Section protection is lost when importing it to another Document
WORDSNET-7224 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering to PDF
WORDSNET-7230 Cell borders are not preserved when importing Mhtml file
WORDSNET-7232 Paragraph is incorrectly aligned as Justified when importing MHTML
WORDSNET-7239 Not all Cells have correct Paragraph Alignment during Html import
WORDSNET-7240 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering DOC to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7257 Page numbering restarts at the beginning of the Sections in PDF
WORDSNET-7271 Aspose.Words adds unwanted space between words
WORDSNET-7276 Font name attribute is visible in RTF that is generated by Aspose.Words
WORDSNET-7288 StructuredDocumentTag.Id Property return incorrect value
WORDSNET-7290 List numbering is not preserved during open/save
WORDSNET-7307 Font embedding problems in XPS
WORDSNET-7322 Image is misaligned and shifted towards the right page edge in Pdf
WORDSNET-7325 Track Change history lost on converting RTF to Doc
WORDSNET-7337 Checkbox FormField is not preserved during rendering to Pdf
WORDSNET-7346 FieldChar.IsLocked Property do not work for Doc file format.

• Regressions

WORDSJAVA-490 When Aspose.Words for Java 10.8.0 is used, the Aspose.Words.jdk14.jar is not working with JDK 1.4.2
WORDSNET-7186 MailMerge.Execute method throws exception
WORDSNET-7237 InvalidCastException occurs during open/save a DOCX
WORDSNET-6876 Investigate why UpdatePageLayout is taking too long to build layout of page

• Performance

WORDSNET-7077 Concurrent processing degrades Aspose.Words' performance


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