Aspose.Words 13.4.0

Aspose.Words for .NET class library supports DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and other formats. With Aspose.Words you can generate, modify, convert, render and print documents without utilizing Microsoft Word®

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Install-Package Aspose.Words -Version 13.4.0
dotnet add package Aspose.Words --version 13.4.0
<PackageReference Include="Aspose.Words" Version="13.4.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Aspose.Words --version 13.4.0
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Release Notes

There are 173 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

• Printing to multitray printers improved
• Printing documents that contain pages with different orientation
• Improved memory performance for large documents (now code uses ~20% less memory for 1Gb+ documents)
• DOC and DOCX document can be signed with digital signatures, also signatures can be removed;
• 3D color for VML extrusion effect is supported
• Improved performance of PDF rendering of documents with Jpeg images
• DML Charts enhancements: surface charts rendering, moving average trend lines rendering and more
• Supported rendering of revisions
• Improved pagination of footnotes
• Implemented character paragraph indents
• Fixed positioning of a table broken across pages when it has repeated header rows
• Improved table row wrapping around floaters
• Fixed issue with Arabic-Indic numerals inside SDT
• Aspose.Words allows to write OOXML documents that do not cause Compatibility Mode when opened in MS Word 2010-2013

This release introduces the new features, enhancements and fixes to the excptions/bugs as detailed below:

• New features
WORDSJAVA-644 Autoporter to support implicit and explicit castings
WORDSJAVA-716 Add the examples dashboard to the Java release
WORDSNET-2018 Support XAML (Flow document).
WORDSNET-2120 /revision marks/ Support revision marks upon rendering/converting to PDF.
WORDSNET-2852 Digitally sign a DOCX document
WORDSNET-656 Digitally sign a DOC document
WORDSNET-6750 Support surface chart rendering.
WORDSNET-6826 Parapragh Tight Wrap property do not preserve on re save the document
WORDSNET-7368 Docx to HTML conversion issue with Paragraph rendering
WORDSNET-7612 /revision marks/ Hidden text becomes visible in PDF
WORDSNET-7884 Text wrapping is changed from "Square" to "in line with text" in output Doc/Docx
WORDSNET-7894 /revision marks/ Revision formatting and comments are not preserved in PDF
WORDSNET-8006 Support AlternateContent upon reading charts for rendering.
WORDSNET-8061 Force LoadFormat during document load
WORDSNET-8076 Add another Automation to Aspose migration tip to the docs
WORDSNET-8093 Support band formats upon rendering surface charts.
WORDSNET-8105 Support rendering of Linear trendlines.
WORDSNET-8107 Support rendering of Moving Average trendlines.
WORDSNET-8130 Review the blog release for the dashboard
WORDSNET-8131 Add the release to the downloads module
WORDSNET-8133 Include dashboard in the MSI and add prompt the user to open at the end of the installer
WORDSNET-8134 Add dashboard to dlls only zip for all products
WORDSNET-8135 Remove .sh file to register Aspose.Words.dll on Mono
WORDSNET-8136 Remove existing demo code from the installer

• Enhancements
WORDSJAVA-627 Autoporting of static classes
WORDSJAVA-702 Effects are not applied correctly
WORDSJAVA-705 Adding JavaDelete annotation should delete existing java file too.
WORDSJAVA-706 Workaround for TestNG's explicit test class bug.
WORDSJAVA-710 TestNG to not run non-test public mthods.
WORDSJAVA-711 Full name of attribute should be stripped.
WORDSJAVA-718 OfficeCripto manual lifting
WORDSNET-2092 Avoid using fonts during rendering checboxes.
WORDSNET-2198 Size of images is changed after open/save the document.
WORDSNET-2226 File size is increased two times after open/save the document.
WORDSNET-3580 Support transparency in WMF emulated by SRCPAINT and SRCAND raster operations.
WORDSNET-3849 VML // Shape shadow effect rendering
WORDSNET-4351 Text inside textbox is cropped during rendering.
WORDSNET-4861 Position of Textbox is incorrect after converting to DOCX
WORDSNET-5169 Investigate whether we can decrease memory usage upon rendering documents.
WORDSNET-5529 DML linear gradient brushes should use transformation matrices instead of angle.
WORDSNET-5697 /page vertical alignment/document to pdf conversion, image lose its postion
WORDSNET-5754 while converting doc to pdf, image properties not available
WORDSNET-5756 Pdf page count is greater than input Word document, after converting doc to Pdf
WORDSNET-5784 document to pdf conversion, creating multiple tables
WORDSNET-5830 DOC to PDF conversion issue; All pages not exported to PDF
WORDSNET-5831 Document text out of position, While saving Word document in Pdf format
WORDSNET-5842 While doc to Pdf, footer image render incorrectly.
WORDSNET-5889 While converting Word document to Multipage Tiff image, first image missing.
WORDSNET-6203 TextBox is hidden while rendering.
WORDSNET-6218 Docx to PDF conversion issue with tables
WORDSNET-6327 Doc to PDF conversion issue with left margin
WORDSNET-6381 Doc to PDF conversion issue with Text field's text
WORDSNET-6410 Work out a useful way to avoid running into Compatibility Mode when saving OOXML and opening in Word 2010
WORDSNET-6531 Docx to Html conversion issue with text position
WORDSNET-6570 Text is misplaced after conversion from Doc to Pdf
WORDSNET-6954 Improve work with brushes upon rendering charts.
WORDSNET-7256 Complete and release the offline examples dashboard
WORDSNET-7324 Unexpected vertical border line appears besides characters in Html
WORDSNET-7557 Errors with math symbols when converting .docx to .pdf on Ubuntu
WORDSNET-7758 Table Width Changed Issue in Html2Doc2Html
WORDSNET-7797 Font is incorrectly imported from HTML
WORDSNET-7798 Two tables are joined into one
WORDSNET-7880 One of the tables incorrectly reads into model
WORDSNET-7883 Content is imported as a single Paragraph
WORDSNET-7892 Text contents misplaced while conveying from Doc to Fixed file format
WORDSNET-7919 HTML to Doc conversion issue with Paragraph Left Indent
WORDSNET-7920 Open and Save HTML file lost Left Indentation of Paragraphs
WORDSNET-7936 XPS printing issue with text at physical printer
WORDSNET-7937 Shape's z-order is incorrect in HTML export.
WORDSNET-7953 Create infrastructure for compliance info gathering during OOXML document loading
WORDSNET-7973 Failed assertion in BorderGrid.AddCell()
WORDSNET-7984 Word 2013 does not respect zoom level set by Aspose.Words
WORDSNET-8019 Add support of 3D color to extrusion effect.
WORDSNET-8020 Add support of gradient brush scale.
WORDSNET-8040 Incorrect tab width when list aligned tab occurs after another tab
WORDSNET-8055 Shadow for shapes with broad stroke differs from MS Word 2013 result
WORDSNET-8057 Line width is not considered during appling extrusion effect
WORDSNET-8089 Support Z-Axis labels rendering.
WORDSNET-8090 Improve drop lines rendering for 3D line charts.
WORDSNET-8100 /footnote balancing/ Docx to PDF conversion issue
WORDSNET-8125 Line chart is rendered as smooth but should be rendered as straight lines.
WORDSNET-8151 Font of text inside WordArt Shape is incorrect in PDF
WORDSNET-8154 Update links to Aspose site in shortcuts created by the installer

• Exceptions
WORDSNET-3926 OutOfMemoryException occurs during converting to PDF.
WORDSNET-4143 Ref field in footer causes exception while UpdateField running
WORDSNET-4243 /performance/ OutOfMemoryException is thrown upon rendering.
WORDSNET-4293 ArgumentException occurs during UpdateField.
WORDSNET-4672 ArgumentException is thrown upon rendering.
WORDSNET-6265 Stack Empty Exception when UpdatePageLayout() is called
WORDSNET-6298 InvalidOperationException occurs during converting DOC to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7830 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown when load Doc file into Aspose.Word DOM
WORDSNET-7945 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOCX
WORDSNET-7976 System.InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7983 'Infinite loop detected' error occurs during rendering to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7993 UnsupportedFileFormatException occurs during loading Unknown file format
WORDSNET-8002 DrawingML causes Aspose.Words to throw InvalidOperationException during open/save DOCX
WORDSNET-8051 Documents fall into infinite loop when rendering to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-8098 NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-8137 Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a DOC

• Bugs
WORDSJAVA-652 Page prints with incorrect orientation when printing to a physical printer
WORDSJAVA-659 % formatting of doubles in charts.
WORDSJAVA-709 Avoid duplicates in Java annotation arguments
WORDSJAVA-712 Investigate if the conversions are performed twice
WORDSJAVA-713 Consider removing temporary image files after save operation
WORDSJAVA-717 Chart axis labels are stripped.
WORDSJAVA-719 Chart axis labels: integer formatted as float
WORDSNET-2504 Hyperlink to an external document crashes XPS Viewer
WORDSNET-5411 On DOC to PDF conversion, Logo inside header is misplaced
WORDSNET-5599 Upon rendering to PDF, Body of document becomes invisible
WORDSNET-5633 Shapes are rendering behind the DrawingML objects in PDF,XPS
WORDSNET-5634 Content is overlapped by image during open/save.
WORDSNET-5966 While converting doc to pdf, Tables overlapped because of text wrapping set to Around.
WORDSNET-6028 Document looks different when rendered to Fixed page formats
WORDSNET-6107 Red TextBox Shape becomes in front of all other objects after conversion/rendering
WORDSNET-6117 Horizontal merged cells rendered incorrectly while saving in PDF format first.
WORDSNET-6123 Table contents are cut off while converting doc to PDF format.
WORDSNET-6164 While converting doc to Pdf, nested table text rendered incorrectly.
WORDSNET-6231 Vertical WordArt is not converting properly to RTF
WORDSNET-6233 OOXML Charts // DrawingML Chart disappears during converting to DOC
WORDSNET-6396 Text is misplaced after conversion From Doc to PDF
WORDSNET-6562 Aspose.Words hangs during rendering Microsoft Visio Drawing Object to PDF/XPS
WORDSNET-6568 DrawingML images are misplaced during open/save
WORDSNET-6575 BuiltInDocumentProperties.Words property returns incorrect value
WORDSNET-6664 Drawing Objects are not being rendered properly to PNG
WORDSNET-6904 Incorrect shapes zorder
WORDSNET-6972 Autoshape is sent behind an image while saving DOCX to PDF
WORDSNET-7125 DML inside SDT is transformed into a GroupShape during open/save
WORDSNET-7353 Frame is not positioned at the correct place when exporting to Html
WORDSNET-7516 A DML incorrectly renders in front of other DML nodes
WORDSNET-7722 Line graph is missing with legends after conversion from Docx to Fixed file format
WORDSNET-7767 Vertical border line appears besides logo image when printing
WORDSNET-7799 TextBox shapes are sent behind other Shapes during open/save
WORDSNET-7807 Ordinal Date field format is not correct in Fixed Page Formats
WORDSNET-7872 Document contents are shifted to the next page in PDF document
WORDSNET-7908 A string is repeated twice with two different formats in PDF
WORDSNET-7932 Fonts used in PDF are different to those used by Microsoft Word
WORDSNET-7934 TextBox and it's content is not visible in fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7935 An image is incorrectly displayed on all pages in PDF other than first page
WORDSNET-7942 Improve min/max axis values calculation algorithm for 3D charts.
WORDSNET-7943 A TextBox is sent behind DrawingML image during rendering to fixed page formats
WORDSNET-7954 Content from Text file is not read during loading into DOM
WORDSNET-7968 Black lines appear in Rectangle Shape during open/save DOCX
WORDSNET-7980 Lock aspect ratio of embedded object is set to active after re-save
WORDSNET-7982 UpdateFields doesn't remove content formatted with Title style from TOC
WORDSNET-7986 Width and alignment issue of a Text input form field in Pdf
WORDSNET-7994 Document.UpdateFields duplicate Visio Drawing
WORDSNET-8000 MS Word reports a corruption in Cloned DOCX
WORDSNET-8001 Number formatting issue while Mail Merge
WORDSNET-8003 Size of TextBox in DOCX is not preserved during open/save
WORDSNET-8005 Date picker SDT control is positioned closer to the top page edge
WORDSNET-8009 Altchunk content is not preserved during open/save
WORDSNET-8010 Doc to PDF conversion issue with Group Shapes rendering
WORDSNET-8011 Vertical space between Paragraph is not preserved in fixed page formats
WORDSNET-8012 Tables are not splitting across pages in fixed page formats
WORDSNET-8013 Table rows are overlapping the content in Header in fixed page formats
WORDSNET-8015 Table is moved to next page after conversion from Docm to PDF
WORDSNET-8023 Unwanted border around Cells of first Row appears during open/save
WORDSNET-8026 Aspose.Words produces untidy Table structures in DOC
WORDSNET-8028 Incorrect text effective rectangle with 3D effect
WORDSNET-8030 MS Word reports a corruption in converted DOCX
WORDSNET-8038 Actual bounds are calculated incorrectly
WORDSNET-8044 SDT content in RTL Table is partially reversed when specifying NumeralFormat.ArabicIndic
WORDSNET-8064 Paragraph w:vertAlign has changed from superscript to baseline
WORDSNET-8072 Detect an encoding in TxtReader if LoadOptions.Encoding is null.
WORDSNET-8085 Mozilla Firefox does not render DrawingML in PDF properly
WORDSNET-8113 Open/Save Docx lose the bullet
WORDSNET-8146 Unexpected line numbers appear during open/save ODT

• Performance
WORDSJAVA-662 Decrease memory usage when save multi-thousands-page PDF documents.
WORDSJAVA-669 Investigate why does it take too long to save to Pdf
WORDSJAVA-714 Performance issue during RTF loading and converting to other formats
WORDSNET-7852 Feasibility study // Avoid reconvertion of non-JPEG images for texture brush.
WORDSNET-8022 Line AutoShape causes Aspose.Words to hang during rendering

• Regressions
WORDSNET-7963 System.InvalidCastException throws while converting from RTF document to other file formats


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